A 250-year-old very special oak should be chopped down (last updated: 2016)


You might ask yourself what this website is all about. Here’s the answer::
  • In Northern Germany there’s an oak tree with a very special trunk standing next to a lake. (Show location in GoogleMaps or GoogleEarth.)
  • Many years ago, its trunk transformed into actually three poles. (Maybe, it was flooded for a certain period.) Now it resembles a tripod with an oak mounted on top.
  • To my knowledge, there are only two oaks of this kind in Germany. This makes the decision sort of delicate.
  • The 23 m tall is located on a campsite and that’s a problem since if it breaks down it’ll likely harm people and objects.
  • An authorised expert judged that the tree was actually dangerous and a threat because the condition of the three poles can’t be determined securely.
  • The burden of responsibility caused the local council to decide that the oak must be removed.
Now I doubt that the three poles are rotten. And as an engineer I know that tripods don’t flip over. I’m trying to get a more specialised technical expert for tree safety to examine this oak and I hope that the result will show that it isn’t dangerous at all. I’m doing it at my own expense.
  • Update December 13, 2007: The doctor says the tree is safe!
  • Update Feb 16, 2008: The local council decided not to accept the order to chop down the tree and now supports my efforts.
  • Update Sep. 3, 2008: However! The company that runs the campsite is still afraid of some incident, sticks to the first assessment and strives to eleminate the oak. But this time the local authorities and the council of Ludorf are on my side. Stay tuned!
  • December 30, 2008: I got word that the manager of the camp site changed his mind  and agreed to support the tree, having a specialist removing dry branches thus returning the oak to safety mode. Phew!
  • November 2010: In September, the expert came again for the due surveillance audit and the outcome is that the oak continues to be safe. We all knew, didn't we?
  • 2015: Over the years, all has been quiet, or back to normal. I visit the oak every once in a while to see how things go and esp. after major storms. It's good to see it stands like a rock and the storms don't do any harm.
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